Mathématiques de l'Imagerie et de ses Applications


Biennial French-German Mathematics in Imaging Phd Prize

The prize is organized and awarded by GdR CNRS MIA, GAMM-SIP and SMAI SIGMA group.


  • 2018 : Emmanuel Soubiès (Biomedical Imaging Group, EPFL)
  • Rules

    Art. 1 – Description

    The prize is awarded to a young researcher with oustanding contribution to the field of Mathematics in Imaging. The prize is awarded every two-year and is to be presented at the occasion of the Mathematical Image Analysis (MIA) conference series. The award consists of a certificate, financial recognition of 1000 €, and a plenary talk at MIA conference. The award is attributed annually, generally to a single winner, by the PhD Thesis Award jury. The first prize has been awarded in January 2018 at MIA conference in Berlin.

    Art. 2 – Conditions for application

    To be considered for the award, the defense of the PhD thesis should take place between two editions of the MIA conference series . The applicants must also have carried out and defended their PhD in a French or German institution.

    Art. 3 – Application

    Their treatment is confidential. Applications must contain: The thesis manuscript in digital format. For those who wrote their PhD in French, an extended summary of 4 pages in English must be provided. A supporting letter from the PhD advisor(s). The PhD referees reviews. A curriculum vitae of the student including publication list and conference presentations. All of the above documents are to be submitted as a single archive in digital on the Submission website.

    Art. 4 – Jury

    A jury is selected by GdR CNRS MIA and GAMM-SIP. A jury member cannot be a PhD advisor of a candidate for the award. The jury may ask for external and independent expertise when necessary. Decisions are taken by simple majority. In the event of a tie, the Chairman shall prevail. The jury’s decision cannot be appealed.
    • 2018: Alfred Bruckstein (Technion), Raymond Chan (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Selim Esedoglu (University of Michigan) and Rebecca Willett (University of Wisconsin).

    Organizing committee:

    • 2018: Jean-François Aujol (University Bordeaux), Martin Burger (University of Munster), Albert Cohen (University Pierre et Marie Curie), Jalal Fadili (Normandy University-ENSICAEN), Michael Hintermuller (Humboldt-University of Berlin), Gabriel Peyré (CNRS-ENS Paris) and Gabriele Steidl (University of Keiserslautern).